Internet Security

The benefits of the Internet are unlimited, however users deal with serious security threats during usage. Safety has become a serious concern as a result of many people with malicious intentions wandering online. Online bullies and sexual predators try to exploit the vulnerability of people, and a virus or malware attack can occur at any time. The possibility of these types of dangers occuring needs to be eliminated in order to create a safe online environment. SFWDNS is a socially committed technology service provider, striving to create a safer society. This is exactly why we offer cloud based DNS web security and pornography blocking solutions to protect people against all types of online threats.

Our SFWDNS packages

We offer different types of packages to address the varying requirements of people. Our packages include fast DNS services, DNS web security, and pornography blocking solutions. Our bronze package consists of fast DNS services, with our silver package comprising of top quality web security solutions. With our gold package, one can enjoy highly advanced pornography blocking solutions at a cost effective rate. These DNS products play a vital role in making your online environment safe and secure.

DNS (Domain Name System) can be described as a database system that translates a domain name into an internet protocol address (IP). Computers use IP addresses to communicate with each other. When you type a web address into a browser, the DNS translates that address into an IP address, which takes some time. If you want this process to be faster, you must use a faster DNS. Many internet service providers offer free public DNS servers, while most of them perform the translating process slowly. Services like SFWDNS make this process faster. SFWDNS offers fast DNS products/services to make the visitor experience enjoyable. SFWDNS offers these fully customized services for business in our bronze package.

Can you predict a virus attack before it occurs? Many say that nobody can predict virus attacks because they come up unexpectedly. SFWDNS delivers cloud based security solutions to block virus attacks and phishing sites effectively. In addition, one does not need to compromise performance levels while enjoying these benefits. When our DNS products see a new IP connection, they utilize reactive reputation feeds or real time payload analysis to identify threats, and they immediately get engaged in the process of analyzing internet infrastructures to find out where attacks are located or staged. Our predictive intelligence is activated in the cloud before a connection is created to ensure optimal DNS web security against viruses, phishing sites, and malware attacks. These benefits can be enjoyed with our silver package.

Our gold package consists of highly dynamic and advanced pornography blocking solutions, with our DNS products preventing access to pornographic and adult content in the best manner. SFWDNS porn blocking services for business offers fully customized solutions that go well with the unique requirements of each client. Benefits include custom block/allow lists, bypass options for parents, built-in block pages, enforcement and visibility per internal network or AD user/group, API based integration, scheduled reports, and much more. Businesses can customize pornography blocking solutions according to their own exclusive requirements.

All of our DNS products have been designed to deliver optimal safety for our clients without making a negative impact on performance. Our highly accomplished professionals have come up with a wide array of web security and pornography blocking DNS solutions to tackle emerging online threats. Choose the most suitable option from our three packages available to make your online experience dynamic, safe, and enjoyable! Check out – Internet Filter – A Christian Service

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