Remove Malware

Web security has become an alarming source of concern. In fact, the concept of security software has become a hot topic. Many people have started using security software on their devices to gain protection against different types of online threats. There are ways to protect careless surfers from phishing, malware, viruses, and other types of online danger, including a DNS web security service provider such as SFWDNS.

What is DNS?

Every browser uses DNS (Domain Name System) to surf the web. Whenever you type a website name into a browser, the DNS is asked for the IP address corresponding to that specific domain. This is being done to allow the browser to contact the web server to get content. DNS servers can be classified into two categories: recursive and authoritative. Most individuals and small companies use recursive DNS, which can be described as default services offered by leading Internet service providers. Some companies also offer authoritative DNS services to block fishing sites, malware sites, viruses, and other related threats.

The different types of DNS servers

DNS servers can be described as the middlemen between site content and browsers. There are a good number of third-party paid DNS web security service providers that offer added features and benefits for both users and network administrators. You can also find free service providers but their services are confined to limited safety features. Hiring the services of paid DNS companies has become an inevitable aspect these days and you need to choose the best company that offers highly dynamic and advanced solutions to ensure optimal DNS web security.

The most important tools that top quality DNS web security service providers offer include:

Content filtering services

These types of services can be implemented easily to block adult sites. There is zero software installation, and all types of unwanted content will be blocked with efficiency.

Malware and phishing blocking services

Advanced content filtering tools also block malware and phishing sites. They are capable of blocking sites containing scams and other dangerous content.

Virus protection services

Viruses can create a lot of problems, and companies like SFWDNS offer much needed protection against viruses by providing faultless virus protection features.

Botnet protection services

Advanced solutions block communication with known botnet servers in an efficient manner so that you do not need to worry about your computer being taken over by someone else.

Under construction pages blocking services

High quality DNS security solutions block under construction pages to make your web browsing experience faster and result oriented. Also offered are URL typo correction services correcting typing mistakes automatically to take you to the correct page that you are looking for. It is important to choose a reliable DNS web security service provider to enjoy optimal protection against all types of web security threats.

Why go with SFWDNS?

As a reliable and reputed DNS filtering service provider, we offer cloud based DNS services that are capable of offloading DNS resolution from a client’s infrastructure to the cloud. These advanced solutions block fishing sites, malware sites, and virus websites with utmost accuracy to offer a safe online environment. In addition, they improve DNS response substantially for faster page loads. Your DNS infrastructure is protected without leaving anything to guesswork and all types of forgeries and manipulations are eliminated. Our committed and dedicated professionals offer the best advice on how to maintain a danger-free online environment, and you can be sure to see a harmonious blend of quality and affordability with our services.

The ever increasing positive opinions of our existing clients motivate us to strive for excellence. Our paid DNS web security package for business consists of advanced features to offer optimal protection against malware, fishing, and viruses. You can always expect a safe, secure, and dynamic internet environment with our solutions.

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