Virus Protection

Before virus protection solutions, predicting online attacks before they happened was a difficult task. However, thanks to providers such as SFWDNS, that difficulty has disappeared. SFWDNS makes your Internet experience fast and risk free. With our dynamic solutions, we work towards removing your DNS blind spot efficiently. We have designed the best DNS servers to use as a part of our ongoing commitment to making the online environment for our clients safe and hassle-free.

We provide optimal protection without using any hardware or software

Our DNS servers create an added layer of cloud-based protection, with optimal protection both on and off your network. We deliver open DNS server solutions that prevent command and control callbacks, phishing, viruses, malware, and other types of online dangers that can occur over any port or protocol. Our vast global network is capable of handling billions of DNS requests a day, and with SFWDNS there is 100% up-time. You do not need to maintain any software or hardware. Creating a hassle-free Internet environment becomes an uncomplicated process.

Helping you stay ahead of attacks

SFWDNS’s open DNS server solutions deliver security at the DNS server by utilizing current infrastructure. Activities performed by botnet and phishing sites become ineffective with our free and fast DNS services. Stay ahead of attacks by viewing the exact location of them well in advance. We offer a number of highly beneficial services as a part of our free Bronze package. To enhance your threat intelligence further, update to our Silver or Gold packages.

Eliminating the need to worry about redirects

In most cases, DNS comes from your service provider and is resolved via DCP automaically. Sometimes access providers implement redirects, so that when you enter a website address you do not reach the site that you were searching for. To avoid these types of complications, use our fast and free DNS solutions. When you type in the DNS IP address that we offer, you no longer have to worry about any redirects, allowing for a fast and easy web experience.

We provide a variety of features

As a responsible technology service provider, SFWDNS offers fast DNS servers that have the ability to automatically block and filter all types of attacks with our enhanced DNS solutions . You can enjoy a wide range of features with our open DNS server solutions for business, including typo correction, domain blocking, botnet protection, secure DNS, C2 Callbacks prevention, fast upload, and much more. Our system maintains a large amount of DNS caches that lead to faster queries.

Learn more about our services

With our cloud-based solutions that enhance performance levels, SFWDNS puts safety first in all that we do. We offer highly advanced enforcement, visibility, and management features to efficiently serve all of our clients. For more advanced and updated features, we offer a variety of packages to allow for choice and flexibility.

Sometimes faster connections do not offer promised speed, with a delay occuring as a result of the domain name system offered by your service provider. SFWDNS free fast DNS solutions fix this problem by offering maximum internet speed without compromising security. Our free DNS services offer a harmonious blend of speed and safety to safeguard your requirements, which is why we have become the preferred DNS server.


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