Business DNS Filtering

Learn about SFWDNS DNS businesses web filter solutions

Unwanted Internet surfing activities can lead to inefficiency and wasted time in the workplace. If employees are not spending time responsibly, the overall productivity of your business can be compromised and your network can become highly vulnerable to different types of online threats. You should have a clear idea of how your staff are using their given devices, and Internet use should be optimized in order to maintain the productivity of your staff.

How to create a safe online environment

SFWDNS offers fully customized solutions for businesses that help them seamlessly manage different types of devices such as desktops, laptops, smartphones, tablets, and more. Our solutions help you control the Internet access of employees to ensure safe surfing. You can use our services to enjoy protection against virus attacks, phishing, and other types of online dangers.

Monitor the surfing activities of your employees

Our DNS solutions allow you to observe what your staff are doing online. Quite naturally, you will gain better control over the online activities of your employees.

Enjoy optimal protection

SFWDNS does not confine their services to offering maximum visibility over the activities of staff alone. Our highly advanced DNS services prevent access to harmful and malicious websites with precision.

Customized and flexible solutions

By blocking malicious, suspicious, or questionable content using mediocre software, you may be denied permission to access some websites that bring value to your business. Our paid solutions are extremely flexible, defining permissions for individuals or groups according to the situation. You may easily bypass restrictions if needed, while others are not allowed to do so without your permission.

Amazingly large database

The SFWDNS DNS web filtering category engine has a large database that covers billions of domains and web pages across a range of categories. With our paid services , choosing the categories that you prefer to block becomes an easy process.

Choose your whitelist and blacklist with absolute ease and speed

Our paid DNS system allows you to customize filtering according to the unique needs of your business network. You can easily choose categories to whitelist or blacklist in order to create a danger free network.

Cloud delivered protection

The SFWDNS web filtering and blocking system creates a strong layer of cloud delivered protection in the network security stack, making it an applicable solution for both on and off your business network. Our system offers the most dynamic lifecycle view of internet domains, ASNs, and IPs to identify potential attacks even before they are launched.

Faultless filtering of adult and child sexual abuse images and videos

Each socially committed business organization has a responsibility to make their online environment completely free of adult and child sexual abuse videos and images. SFWDNS is deeply committed to providing an enjoyable Internet environment for users and business owners in order to enjoy complete control over the network.

By using our cloud-based Internet filtering and porn blocking DNS system, you can improve the productivity of your employees by up to 30%.

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