Web Filtering For Education

School authorities may notice some students spending an excess amount of time on entertainment websites. The content available on these websites may not add value when it comes to student’s studies. Many school authorities and teachers face this problem, not giving adequate importance to these types of behaviors.

This situation can be prevented using a top quality school web filtering service to monitor the activities of school children. As a committed and dedicated web filtering technology service provider, SFWDNS has a responsibility to help teachers and school authorities, which is why we have introduced a dynamic school web filtering DNS system to create a safe online environment in schools.

CIPA compliance 

Many schools and libraries have been making use of our DNS system to control student’s Internet access. Our DNS solutions are CIPA compliant, which is necessary for e-rate funding, offering optimal protection for all network users including students, teachers, and staff.

An uncomplicated and cost effective solution 

SFWDNS school web filtering is a cloud-based DNS solution that blocks dangerous and inappropriate websites before the user gets access to its malware payload. Our solution can be deployed across a whole school network within a few minutes. A conventional software must be installed or downloaded onto devices that students are using. Our DNS system allows you to set the Internet gateway parameters of the network, while the categories that you want to block can be chosen through our dashboard. Our database covers billions of web pages, with the highest number of categories incorporated into our web filter.

Protection for all types of devices 

SFWDNS school web filtering prevents unguided Internet access with precision, protecting devices in the school network against dangerous, inappropriate, and harmful content.

An excellent option for schools with large bandwidth connection 

Our DNS system does not require any hardware to prevent botnet threats and malware infections, allowing many schools with large bandwidth connections to make use of our filter in order to enjoy a seamless monitoring experience. We continuously improve our filtering system’s functionality and clients do not need to pay any extra charges for newly added functions.

Some important features

While using our system, seeing and managing application usage across all devices becomes a hassle-free experience. It defines productive time limits and internet access, while your devices can be found in real time. Using our 1:1 programs, you can protect school computers used off campus. Our school web filtering system easily adapts to the individual requirements of each school, allowing you to login and manage settings from any device you prefer. The intelligent reporting system of SFWDNS delivers reports in easy to understand charts and graphs. Our solutions make web filtering extremely simple and highly result oriented.

Harmonious blend of superior quality and extreme cost effectiveness 

Schools with strict budget constraints choose us because of our highly cost effective solutions. According to our existing clients, we offer a harmonious blend of superior quality and extreme cost effectiveness.

Apart from schools, many libraries have been making use of our DNS filter system to enjoy protection against online threats and malpractices. Different filtering settings can be applied for adults, teens, and kids on the computers available in a library. If you want to keep your school network well protected against Internet dangers and inappropriate content, choose our DNS school web filtering services.



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