Web Filtering For Families

Parents want to protect their children against cyber bullies, sexual predators, and other types of online attackers. Many family web filters available on the market today do not offer much needed faultless protection, with children able to bypass security features to access inappropriate content. To prevent this issue, SFWDNS family web filters empower you to become a digital parent capable of protecting your children against all types of internet fraud and malicious activity.

Dynamic and flexible solutions that offer optimal protection

Our family DNS web filtering for home is the easiest way to create a safe online environment for your children and family members. Even beginners with no technical experience can easily create a free SFWDNS account immediately. Once you are familiar with all the procedures, you can sign up for our premium services. As a trustworthy DNS service provider, we are deeply committed to making your digital experience a positive one.

User friendly and simple dashboard

SFWDNS web filtering comes with a simple interface that helps you familiarize yourself with how your child uses devices, apps, and the web. You will gain a clear cut understanding of the online activities of your children with the help of our simple and customer friendly dashboard.

Simple installation process

Installing our DNS system can be done in a few minutes with absolute ease and comfort. We put forward simple guidelines to make the process of installation easy and enjoyable.

Effective and hassle-free management of all activities

Our DNS filtering system allows you to set healthy limits for managing the online experience of your children. We believe this approach makes both the online experience and monitoring it highly dynamic and result oriented.

Faultless protection

When it comes to offering protection for your children, we do not leave anything to guesswork. You can protect every device in your home including personal computers, laptops, tablets, smartphones, game consoles, DVRs, TVs or anything else that is connected to the Internet.

Learn about the top quality features of our family web filtering

SFWDNS family web filtering will block pornography with precision, even in private browsing modes. Our built-in fraud and phishing protection keeps your children safe in the best possible manner. Every device can be protected with the help of our DNS family web filtering solution. In addition, the social network activity of your child can be monitored effectively with our web filtering solutions.

Cloud-based comprehensive solutions

Our DNS filter is 100% cloud-based, without the need to maintain any hardware or software. You can expect 100% uptime and can add a new layer of predictive security with our DNS family web filtering solutions. Our filtering engine comprises of a wide range of content categories, with the process of enforcing acceptable user policies being a hassle-free, results oriented one.

As a socially committed web technology service provider, we realize the dangers involved surrounding Internet threats, and we believe it is our responsibility to protect children from inappropriate content and online threats. SFWDNS family web filtering offers security for your family members, and we constantly update our DNS system to prevent future threats. Our comprehensive solution meets the requirements of our clients, and we offer our services at an extremely affordable rate to be assessable to all.

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